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A Widow’s Tale will help you learn how to recover from the ravages of stress, release repetitive concerns and worries and take control of your environment and lifestyle. A Widow’s Tale gives you the tools you most need to rebuild your physical and emotional health.
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Apr 11, 2021

Spring is a great time to get out and see how new life is leaping up, filled with promise for the future. Your life is a promise, too, and sometimes it's easy to lose sight of that.

Mar 28, 2021

My mother was a 43-year breast cancer survivor. She and I shared a rare musical bond. This is the story of the last time we made music together. A mystical moment that I'll always remember and the gift it gave to her, to me, and to everyone who heard it.

Mar 22, 2021

Regrets are like those mean kids in middle school who whispered about you in the hall or that nosy aunt who tossed your childhood sins on the table at the family reunion and invited everyone to taste your shame.

We all have regrets, and they often keep us from fulfilling our dreams. Don't let the past ruin your future. Keep regrets in their rightful place - at the end of the hallway.

Feb 28, 2021

Find out what happens when two women go to the wilds of Madison County in search of a pristine paradise. Surprise! Life is never what you plan for and Monster Truck shows may not be your thing.

Feb 9, 2021

When you ignore your fear it holds you hostage. Fear is an ancient friend. Fear once alerted you to lions in the tall grass. Fear serves a purpose, it's there to keep you safe.

When you learn to love your fear and trust it to guide you, it will reveal hidden dangers (like those lions in the grass). Fear knows what's keeping you from fulfilling your dreams.

Jan 26, 2021

We are living in a time of financial and personal pandemic fear. But the truth of the matter is we've all had fear since we were small. We met fear in different ways as little people, but we've all encountered it and it's changed us. This is the first in a series of reflections about how our fear controls us and ways to meet it where it lives and hopefully, use the information it has to better our lives.

Dec 21, 2020

It's hard to fight off feelings of unworthiness under the best of circumstances but Christmas, the season of perfection, ups the ante. So let's examine where all this unworthiness comes from. Hint: It's not your fault.

Dec 10, 2020

I was as skeptical as most about "miracles" until something in my own life changed how I felt about the mysteries beyond my knowing.

Nov 16, 2020

Transitions are an ongoing part of life. This year we're in the middle of a presidential transfer of power and a pandemic.

Oct 22, 2020

All sacrifice should be honored. A story about partners, loyalty, and an unexpected companion in grief at the moment it mattered the most.

Oct 1, 2020

We live in cages of our own making with old habits and patterns that keep us trapped inside belief systems that no longer serve us.

Aug 9, 2020

Have you been going through cycles of shedding old ideas and jettisoning emotional baggage? Are you widowed or are you recovering from heartache? If so, are you becoming someone new in the process? I examine this idea in my own life after meeting a new friend.

Aug 1, 2020

So many things we hold dear are facing extinction during COVID and our prayers are not the only ones God hears.

Jul 23, 2020

With COVID 19 on the rise and 4 million ill it looks like American Kids will be  home-schooled AGAIN this fall. Here's what might be really good about that!

Jun 29, 2020

What I learned at 23 in my years along the Big Muddy about dancing, racism, and a life that's far from perfect.

May 20, 2020

Safe or not, out we come! But it's not quite the same. It's like Noah after the flood or me, when I had hepatitis in the 5th grade.


May 10, 2020

It's a special day, the day we remember those who gave us life. For those who have lost their mothers recently, the day is especially poignant.

May 4, 2020

The problem with all this isolation is that we are neurologically hard-wired for social connection, for touch, for communal support. Acknowledging that we're missing these essential social pieces lets us take the first step toward self compassion.

Apr 28, 2020

Long-term devotion has such a sweetness to it.


Apr 20, 2020

Waste not, want not! An inventive way of eating during the COVID-19 crisis

Apr 12, 2020

In a masked and cloistered time, what Easter miracles are looking for you?

Apr 11, 2020

Grieving without the comfort of family and friends is very difficult. "Navigating Loss" author Donna Marie Todd shares how to create a private grief ritual you can use at home during COVID-19 isolation.

Mar 31, 2020

A virus isn't really alive until it finds a host. COVID-19 is literally borrowing its life from us. What can we borrow from it?

Sep 25, 2018

Ever get tired of people asking why you can't just get over your spouse's death? What's it been now? Two years?

Sep 18, 2018

One of the most painful part of grief and widowhood is the feeling that you're invisible. It's a couples' world and your alone now.

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